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● Small size of 600mm
● Lovely “smile face ” design
● Gas sensor&heat sensor
● Optional carbon filter
● Non-disassembly and wash free

  • Double Strength Core 2.0

    360° Smoke Containment, Lock Of Oil Smoke, No Escape Of Oil Smoke
      • Smoke-tight, free exhaust ,no remains.All the smoke during cooking can be exhausted very quickly.
      • 2-level air blowing, switchable as you will, max. blowing rate of 1020m/hr, high energy.It can meets all your cooking styles.You don’t need to worry there is any fume remain in your kitchen.
      • Innovative adoption of cyclone turbine, streamlined blades design, effectively decreasing absorption obstruction assuring more smooth ventilation channel.
  • A++ Oil Strainer

    Efficient Oil Separation, Super Filtration Of Oil Smoke
      • Broad-top-and-narrow-bottom oil guide, free oil guide, ensure dropping into oil cup.
      • Nano-coating oil-repelling cavity, no oil stains on inner lining, carefree cleaning.
      • Triple protection,.A++ oil mesh,oil-free coating and super suction,so you just need to clean oil mesh regularly.
      • Brand new electrophoreses protection technology for inner cavity, nanometer oil-free coating one step clean protection, no residual for oil stain on inner cavity assuring constant strong absorption.
  • 1Min Delay Shutoff

    No Residual Oil Smoke In The Kitchen
      • Power on, a touch of automatic button, gas sensor and heat sensor detect ambient change and enables exhaust function.A very intelligent helper in your kitchen,you don’t need to turn on it by yourself.
      • LED lighting, refined, fashionable, and energy-saving.Bring you bright cooking environment.
      • Fastening oil cup is clear at a glance, easily removable and cleanable.
      • Optional activated carbon is easily removable and efficient removing kitchen odor.No matter you have air duct or not,you can always use it.
  • Magnificent SS Decorative Hood

    Easy Wiping And Cleaning
      • Specially designed reverse “smile” pattern, black panel and front panel of dark brown glasses are simple but magnificent.Elegant and fashionable appearance.
      • Flat touch panel, sensitive operation, easy start.Grease is not so easy to hide in the seams of the buttons.

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(WxDxH) 600x520x500-800(mm)
Maximum Air Flow Rate(IEC61591) 1020m³/hr
Noise Level ≤ 58dB(A)
Maximum Static Pressure 310Pa
Motor Power 200w
Grease Separation Rate ≥90%
Net Weight of Unit 24kg


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